About GalNet


The GalNet organizational structure is composed of the GalNet Steering Committee, Advisory Board, and Country, Nutritionist and Patient Associations Representatives.

The GalNet was founded by the Steering Committee, which has administrative, scientific, legal and ethical responsibilities. All decisions taken by the Steering Committee are made with input from all other GalNet committees.
The Country and Nutritionist Representatives give scientific input and provide liaison between the GalNet and members.
The Patient Associations Representatives share personal experiences and opinions, and provide liaison between the GalNet and patients and families.

The Steering Committee is composed of M. Estela Rubio-Gozalbo (chair), Eileen P. Treacy (co-chair), Annet M. Bosch, Alberto Burlina - European arm - and Gerard T. Berry - American arm.
The Steering Committee has regular conference calls, and once every two years, there is a joint meeting of the Steering Committee, Country and Patient Associations Representatives. The first was held in Birmingham (United Kingdom) in March 2013, and the second in Barcelona (Spain) in June 2015 (click here for all GalNet Past Events).

In 2014, the Steering Committee and Country, Nutritionists and Patient Associations Representatives met in Maastricht (Netherlands) to discuss the research approach to be taken within the network.

There is an annual meeting for all members in September, during the Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism (SSIEM) Annual Symposium. The next annual meeting will be held in Rome (click here for all GalNet Events).