Collaborative research

The existence of a network allows a better sharing of resources and a minimization of redundancy, which significantly improves the conditions for research in galactosemia.  The GalNet research focuses on the improvement of patients outcome through different interactive research approaches, aiming for

  1. better understanding of the disease mechanisms;
  2. development of new therapeutic strategies;
  3. identification and implementation of accurate disease biomarkers enabling improved treatment and validation of new therapeutic options.

In 2014, the Maastricht University Medical Center (Maastricht, Netherlands), funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), hosted a meeting to discuss the directions of the research within the GalNet. All three key aims were addressed and, after an open debate and fruitful discussion, specific goals were set.
Additionally, a number of national and international grants were defined for the GalNet to obtain the required research funding.

A sound knowledge and understanding on galactosemia's pathophysiology along with the validation of biomarkers represent crucial tools for the development of an effective therapy for patients with galactosemia.

The establishment of an international network provides a platform for research in the field of galactosemia and gathers expertise and knowledge from which clinicians, researchers, nutritionists and patients can deeply benefit.



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